Jixiang Ping’an Valley is a dynamic music square integrating sculptures, music, fountains, waterfalls, and fireworks.  Ancient Buddhist culture are vividly demonstrated with modern hi-techs.

The sculpture in the center of the valley is 25.8 meter high and over 200 tons heavy, made of tin bronze.  The upper part of the sculpture is a luxurious Bottle carried by Four Elephants stepping on Auspicious Clouds.  In traditional Chinese culture, the characters elephant is homophonic to character luck or auspicious(xiang) in Chinese, and the characters bottle is homophonic to character peace or safety(ping).  A valley is an area surrounded by two ridged.  In Jixiang Ping’an Valley, everyone is surrounded by peace and lucks. You will feel blessing not only on your body, but also in your heart and soul.  

18 vivid sets of tin bronze sika deer representing fortunes are placed on the east and west sides of the curved stand.

The fountain transforms into 26 unique shapes to the rhythm:The four arches below the Four Elephants slowly open as the music goes, and two pairs of boy and girl dolls slowly emerge from the doors, holding pans to collect the Clear Water sprayed by the Elephants. The Four Elephants then step on Auspicious Clouds and spin for a full turn carrying the Bottle from east to west, spraying nectar and blessing all the living people. The Four Great Devarajas spray flames from their mouths, symbolizing the prosperity of everyone's life and career.  Immediately then the Eight Fairies start their grace dance, and the Nine Golden Dragons by the pool follow with clouds and rains, spraying out water flows creating rainbows under sunlight.  This entire dynamic demonstration takes around 15 minutes.

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