Fahua Yuan the Temple

Chishan Fahua Yuan the Buddhist temple, was founded by Jang Bogo, aka 'King of the Yellow Sea' from Silla in Tang Dynasty over a thounsand years ago.  The temple was name after Saddharma Pundarika Sutra(Fahua Jing) chanted by the its first group of residents: monks from Tandai sects, and enjoyed a great reputation in Tang Dynasty.

The building consists two courtyards, where stands Ginkgo trees, hibiscus trees and cherry trees.  Behind Pudu Bridge above Yudai River, the Mahavira Hall(Daxiong Baodian) can be seen in the front, Guanyin Hall on the right and Dizang Hall on the left.  Behind the Mahavira Hall, the steps will take you to the Three Buddha Hall(San Fo Baodian), behind which is a road directly to main peak of Chishan Mountain with an altitude of 369m, where is a birds’ eye view of the whole mountain and the charming bay of Shidao.

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