Chishan Chanyuan

This Zen garden is composed of Yuanren Ru Tang Qiu Fa Guan: the hall of Ennin, and Chishan Ge the pavilion.  The former consists five halls, demonstrating the history of Buddhism in Sui and Tang Dynasties, and process of Master Ennin visited Tang China for Dharma and establishing Chishan Temple on the way home.  And in Chishan Ge are three floors: on the first floor are a statue and murals of Shakyamuni, on the second floor a statue of Jianzhen, and on the third floor statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva.  The garden is built along the mountain, solemn and dignified. The mountains, forests and rivers, joined by the buildings make a magnificent and magnificent view.

Within the 9 years and 7 months Ennin stayed in Tang China, he has visited Chishan for three times.  After going back to Japan, Master Ennin wrote Nitto Guho Junrei Gyoki('Record of Pilgrimage to China in Search of the Holy Law'), recording what he saw, heard and thought during his visit in Tang.  The records started from July 838AC, and lasted until January 848AC, including 597 articles, more than 80,000 characters, and were divided into four volumes. This book is a precious historical material for studying Chinese politics, economy, culture, religion, folk customs, language and foreign relations in the Tang Dynasty, and are known as the ‘treasure for the Oriental academic community’.  

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