Chishan Ming Deity is a 58.8m-high statue, made of 380 tons of copper, facing the southeast to the sea and backed with the mountains.  Ming Shen, also known as Chishan Shen is a mighty god blessing the seas and guarding the lands.  He protect Northern China, as well as the people of Korean, Japan and even Arabian countries.  Especially in Korea and Japan, He has been worshiped in many temples.  His believers pray to bathe in His light for wealth, health and fortune.

The Ming Deity stand with an impressive and dignified manner, with his right hand extended horizontally and his palm facing downwards to calm the fierce winds and waves protecting the fishermen and bring them fish and shrimps.  His left hand naturally droops, blessing the whole land with peace and safety.  The most outstanding feature of Ming Deity is His plump forehead, from which it can been seen that he is also a god of wisdom.  The 20th of April is Grain Rain, which is also the Fisherman Festival in Rongcheng.  This is the date fishermen’s families gather around at Chishan to worship Ming Deity and pray for safe fishing trips and plenteous fishery harvest for fishermen. 

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