Jang Bogo Biography Hall

Located on the south of Lianhua Feng(Lotus Hill), facing the Jang Bogo Memorial Tower(Zhang Baogao Jinian Ta) on the north, Jang Bogo Biography Hall covers an area of 13,000 ㎡.  The whole building was constructed based on Tang style, with five halls demonstrating Bogo’s life stories: Datang Zhuimeng: chasing dreams in the Great Tang Empire; Wuning Congjun: serving in Wuning Legion; Yuan Ding Chishan: Construction of Fahua Yuan the temple; Qinghai Fuchen: defeating pirates and developing overseas trading in Korea; and Yuanyuanliuchang: the long-lasting friendship between Chinese and Korean people.  Today, Jang Bogo Biography Hall has become a main destination in China for Korean teenager students and Korean tourists, and in Weihai it is also an important place to the local culture and economic trading exchanges between China and South Korea.

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