Brief Intro

Located in the east end of Shandong Peninsula, Chishan, a Provincial Scenic Spot and a National Class AAAA Tourist Attraction, sits on the southeast coast of Rongcheng.  This mountain is surrounded by seas on three sides, and close to Shidao Port, the largest fishing port in northern China.  With a combination of coastal views, mountain scenes, fishing ports, and villages of folks scattered around, the landscapes, bio leisure times, coastal holidays, fishing folks, Buddhist culture and history of overseas communication has attracted a large number of tourists.  The wonderful history connecting three realms and works of nature's wonderment has made Chishan known to many countries as a great monument to visit.

The whole scenery park covers an area of 12.8 square kilometers, surrounded by green mountains and lush trees.  As a natural forest oxygen bar, it has been awarded many titles such as "National Forest Health Care Base", etc.

The historical relics are as wonderful as the natural scenery.  Here you can find Chishan Fahua Yuan, a millennium ancient temple well know to the whole Jiaodong Area; Jixiang Pingan Gu, a large dynamic music fountain with the theme of luck and peace; Chishan Daming Shen, a 58.8-metre-tall statue of a great god of sea; Guanyin Tan, an altar worshiping the merciful Guanyin Bodhisattva; Jang Bogo Biography Hall, in memory of Jang Bogo, 'King of the Yellow Sea' from ancient Korea; Rongcheng Chishan Folk Museum, exhibiting the folk culture of northern China; Chishan Chanyuan, a Zen garden in memory of Ennin, the third Chief Abbot of Japanese Tendai Sect; Chishan Feiyi Chuangke Zhongxin, an experience centre for intangible cultural heritage folk culture; Shilian Yashi Guan, where you could appreciate a culture of rare stones; Longfeng Jueyuan, a jade sculpture hall illustrating the tragic love affair between Emperor Xuanzong of Tang and the lady Yang; Baihua Yuan, a flora park and a recent hit online.  Coastal views, mountain scenes, fishing folks and religious features, you could find everything you expect for a Shangri-La.

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