Located in the east end of Shandong Peninsula, Chishan, a Provincial Scenic Spot and a National Class AAAA Tourist Attraction, sits in a small town Shidao on the southeast coast of Weihai.  Facing th Yellow Sea and backed by Chishan Hill, this spot has been call Dadongshengjing (The Great East Territory) by ancient Chinese.  The beautiful natural scenery, numerous cultural landscapes, and rich folk customs have made this seaside town unique and charming.  This is where you can find sea sights, beaches and mountains, where you can swim, fish and hike, and where you can enjoy sunshine, sea wave, sand beach, air breeze, and seafood.

Surrounded by seas on three sides, and with a view of mountains and seas connecting to each other, the local views has been found rather attractive and was developed and officially opened for tourists in 28th April 2005 with 10 highlights, one better than another.  The whole spot covers 12.8 square kilometers, 95% of which are forests bringing a great amount of fresh oxygen, and has been awarded the title National Forest Healthcare Base in 2019.  Close to Shidao Port, the largest fishing port in northern China,  with a combination of coastal views, mountain scenes, fishing ports, and villages of folks scattered around, the landscapes, bio leisure times, coastal holidays, fishing folks, Buddhist culture and history of overseas communication has attracted a large number of tourists.  

With a history of over a thousand years, Chishan has been profound in cultural heritages.   You can enjoy the echoes of Zen when standing in Chishan Fahua Temple, known to the peninsula, and the sight above horizon and local legendary stories when visiting Chishan Ming Deity, status of a sea god known to the world.  And you can also learn local folk culture of northern China in Rongcheng Folkcustom Display Place, or experience various traditional fishing tricks in Feiyi Chuangke Center.  In Chang Baogao Biography Memorial are displayed the legendary stories of Jang Bogo, the magic ‘King of Yellow Sea’ from Korea, illustrating the prosperity of the marine Silk Road in east Asia a thousand years ago; in Chishan Buddhist Temple is memorized Master Ennin, the third generation leader of the Japanese Tiantai Sect, and  his arduous journey to the Empire of Tang seeking Dharma, while the ancient-style building is worth visiting as well.  Other highlights include Baihua Garden, a photographers’ resort with wonderful floral views; Shilian Yashi Guan, a fragile museum where you could appreciate a culture of rare stones; and Jixiang Ping’an Valley, internet-famous for its giant dynamic music fountain show that themes luck and peace.

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