Rongcheng Folkcustom Display Place mainly displays the unique folk customs of Rongcheng.  Surrounded by seas, the unique geographic environment has resulted in unique folk customs and activities, making an active part of the long-lasting China history.  Real objects, images and sculptures are displayed to reflect the development of fishery in northern China and the history of Jiaodong Peninsula, showcasing the local culture and customs of Rongcheng with local characteristics, as well as the diligence and wisdom of the Rongcheng people.  The three main halls: Shanhai Gengmu, Chengxiang Qingyun, Laoyi Rensheng demonstrate the development of fisheries and agriculture in Rongcheng, the living conditions in modern rural and country areas, and the development of local handicrafts. The vivid and lifelike scenes will bring you back to the vanished era to see the passing items and events. 

In 2009, Rongcheng Folkcustom Display Place was awarded the title "Excellent ICH Museum" by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture.  Other titles includes: Jiaodong Marine Culture Research Association, Weihai Youth Local Culture Education Base, Rongcheng Education Base for Primary & Secondary Schools, and Rongcheng ICH Real Item Exhibition Museum, etc.

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