Rongcheng Folk Museum

Surrounded by seas from three sides, Rongcheng has a coastline of 491.9 kilometers, a long history of fishery production, and a unique geographical environment that has brought unique folk culture and activities.  Three halls demonstrate three different themes: to farm in mountain and to fish in sea, urban and rural charm, and leisure life.  Over 5000 pieces of folk culture have been gathered here, condensing the lives and labors in Rongcheng, reflecting the representative folk affairs and inheritance changes of Rongcheng in modern times through physical objects, pictures, sculpture simulation and other means, and demonstrating the local customs and the diligence and wisdom of Rongcheng people.  This is a Heavenly Creation for Rongcheng version, marking from the wood & stone anchor era to the people's commune, from life supplies to life itself.

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