Chishan Feiyi Chuangke Center is an extended experiencing area of the Rongcheng Folkcustom Display Place, one of the six core scenic areas in the Chishan Scenic Spot.

The whole center covers around 6,000 meter squared, of which the indoor area is close to 1,000 meter squared.  Among seaweed cottages and Tang-style buildings are plants of various kinds.  Some of the indoor decorations are in Jiangnan Style, the others in local Jiaodong Style.  The fine combination of different styles brings a brand new experience.03.jpg

In 2021, Chishan Feiyi Chuangke Center was awarded an honorary title ‘Shandong Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Tourism Experience Base’.  We managed to employ local ICH folk inheritors for on-site teaching, and have research mentors to lead students to experience ICH.  The combination of the two researching ways allows 200 persons to visit and experience simultaneously.  Students and tourists can learn making soy milk, paper cuttings, dough sculpture, straw weaving, plant rubbing, and other ICH projects.  This will not only meet the curiosity and learning desire of students of all ages, but also satisfy adults by helping them recall their ICH experience.

Minsu Da Jiangtang is a multifunctional lecture hall, where research students can listen to the lectures on site, learn about ICH folk customs, historical culture, and plant science, etc. They can also get to know relative knowledge in videos, photos, slides, and other forms, meeting the different needs of research teams and tourists.

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